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im a disabled commie he/him dyke, door’s right there if you take issue with any of that

“proshippers” go to the deepest level of hell. if you self identify as “problematic” or think that an “anti” is anything but an anti-pedophile goodbye. I hate you people and your “dub con” and age gaps. LEAVE.

INFERNO is a multimedia story about the rapture coming and nobody giving a fuck. Angels have descended upon the earth with a cold fury, and demons have taken over the mortal world. INFERNO is an exploration of this world infested by celestial and infernal beings.


"You've released it now," Ty whispers as you take one step backwards, and the flower in the painting starts to jitter uncontrollably.

The pregnant flower in the center of the painting begins to horribly unfurl, petals slowly revealing colors more impossible than ones you've seen before throughout the gallery and your mind burns as colors are seared into your mortal retinas.
The flower fully blooms, and you see exactly what Ty was talking about.

When the universe was first conceived, it was borne out of the hollow grasp nothingness had on eternity, and just like with any other act of violence the big bang occurred in absolute silence. The space had not been created yet for the sound to be propagated, and the universe, gravid with matter and energy, and all thing wondrous, waited with breath held to expel her offspring, and the sound waves remained inert for 380,000 quiet years.

It’s not a scream when it happens, like you’d expect, a mother sitting legs spread head tilted back and screaming as life is forced out of nothingness, milk teeth forcefully pushed through gums.
It’s a low hum that makes your blood bubble, your ears pop, and your breath catch.

The cherub emerges like those blunt teeth though gums, head pushing through the membrane between universes and tearing out the other side violently, flower-bud face erupting from the painting.

"It's a cherub." Your brain helpfully informs you and you know you've never heard of such a powerful being actually enter the mortal realm. The pressure in your brain builds as the humming continues. You have no idea how angels were conceived but looking at this thing makes your brain pound with the knowledge that these beings have existed forever. Maybe even before forever, before the birth of the universe, you realize with a start, looking into the infinite depths of the cherub's eyes.
The two eyes bubble over with tears that pool at the lower eyelid before thickly falling to the ground like viscous mucus, and the ground sizzles and burns upon contact.

Part of you knows that if it fully emerges from the painting, you'll lose any chance you have of beating it.
(enter conflict) (1a.)
Do you (2a.) confront it with your hammer or (3a.) retreat a couple of feet?